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Something I’ve never been able to do, is turn it off.

Design has been a large part of my life because I can’t ignore it. It’s everywhere, and I’m always learning from it or criticizing it! I’m happy to be able to work for myself and create design that other people get excited about.

Computer art, as I call it, is really different from other types of art, but yet it still requires an artistic eye. I feel very fortunate to work with my clients and have opportunity to do what I do.

I attended college at Appalachian State University and graduated in 2005 (class of 9 students) with a BFA in Graphic Design with a Minor in Communications. I was also AIGA Club President my senior year. I was quickly hired by an agency in Lewisville, NC and worked for 1.5 years there and then continued my experience at a downtown agency named Cassels Caywood Love until November of 2010 (3.5 years).

Grateful to work in my field as long as I did, I felt that stepping out at that time to work for my husband would give me an opportunity to not only work for myself as a designer, but allow us to have a family too. We now have two daughters, Elsie Gray and Etta Josie.

I am committed to the office job a few days a week in the small town of Welcome. The rest of the time, I enjoy designing for whomever would like a custom design with personal service.