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It can be hard to balance.

Some projects take more time than others. Some don’t take as long as planned. And sometimes it’s hard to find that balance between your family and being a business owner. But I think it’s so worth it. Having my hands in a lot of areas for the past 10 years, I feel like I can give a little advice to balancing multiple jobs.

Some good ways to balance your projects as a designer or artist is:

Make sure your clients know up-front that it won’t be overnight to complete a job.

Some projects require research or programming that may take a little extra time. It’s important to a lot for that unexpected time when it’s needed.

Make sure the time-frame promised to your client allows you to start a job, then leave it and come back to it later with FRESH eyes. I find it important not to rush a design and approach it multiple times to perfect it to my liking before I send it to a client. I also like to get feedback from trusted peers or family members before sending.

Good design is a process. There may be multiple revisions until your client is satisfied with your work, OR it could take no time to achieve their desired final piece.

Either way, it’s nice to be able to revise to perfection during the creation of a project. Your client needs to understand this. They need to know that whenever a revision is handed back to them, it is then their responsibility to check it and approve what you’ve done. This is time they may not consider when you start a project.

Communicate in the beginning that content has to be provided by them. THEY know their business and WAY BETTER than you do! You can always help the process by asking questions, but the more information they give you in the beginning, the faster their job will get to the final state.

We all want to have a healthy balance. However, communication is the most important part of balance. In life AND in design.

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