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Identity Design at its finest.

Not many people realize what goes into creating a logo or identity design. Here is the approach I take.

  • First, I like to get a feel for what the client is going for. I ask them questions like, what specific designs do you like that you’ve seen? Who, in the brand world, do you think does a good job of communicating their business by their ‘mark’?

    This gives me an idea of what a client may prefer, and their style preference when it comes to graphic design.

  • Then, I ask them to explain their business and we determine their audience. We discuss whether they want a literal graphic or something that is abstract. Either way, an identity should be fresh, unique and memorable.

    Most of the time, I have a good idea by this point where I want to go in my creation, but may still need some direction.

  • If I’m still unsure of what they have in mind, I might ask them to sketch it or show me an identity that they really gravitate toward. If a client shows interest in identities with opposing styles and wants to see options that introduce different ideas, then I make sure to show an array of dissimilar designs in the first round. 

    At this point, the client is usually closer to determining what they want and it’s an easier decision on preference when the first round is presented for feedback.



Here is a quick look into some of the options given to my client, Davidson County Schools, for the first round. In the first round, designs are only delivered in black and white. This allows us focus on the design elements and we can establish which designs are strongest. The client also eliminates the majority of the designs given.


The client was quickly able to choose a favorite design, so in round 2 we explored options with font options and placement with elements. In this case, we also applied color since the design was chosen in round one. Normally, round two is used to further develop elements and no color is applied until round three. The client was able to compare font choices and color to finalize the design in round three.


In round three, the client was able to compare the color options they chose with different applications on the identity. The comparison allowed them to narrow to a final design. Each file type was delivered and they even requested an additional design; a 3-D version. You can see it in the final version below.


The final designs used in print and online are shown below. A horizontal logo was also developed for use. Black and white and color versions of all are included when purchasing an identity package.

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